Marshall loves to ride, he always has. He also enjoys fully understanding all things mechanical, inside and out. As a child his mother caught him with the vacuum cleaner disassembled into many pieces, curious as to how it worked. Not only did he put it back together, but to this day his mother swears it ran better than it ever did! Although a high school athlete, motocross was his true passion. Weekend getaways to the races were the norm during the Pennsylvania summers, but hiding the bike from his parents at a friend's house wasn't. Where there's a will there's a way, could've have been his motto. Through the college years ski racing and mountain biking soon encompassed more time than motocross, but the passion never left. His engineering degree seemed a natural fit, but the "real job world" didn't. After an attempt to "work in the field" Marshall's free spirit picked him up and dropped him in the Vail Valley, an outdoor playground mecca. He quickly embraced his mechanical prowess and started wrenching on sleds at a local tour operation. While on the many "test rides" he found that he was able to satisfy his other passion: adrenaline. This led to faster machines, deeper powder, and bigger launches. Getting back into the moto saddle was the natural progression as well as opening his own shop. Now a husband and father he continues to live the mountain lifestyle, but with some small tires following in his tracks.